Equinox Gentleman's Refinery

Equinox Gentleman's Refinery

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Our Booking System is now OPEN!

We have also made the decision to REDUCE our prices on some of our services due to the financial strain we know many of you have encountered during this time.


We are Appointment Only - Book in via our website or App.

Clients must turn up on time, not late or early. Late arrivals will lose their appointment and will still be charged.

Clients must attend their appointment alone, there is no waiting lounge available.

Clients must use the Anti-Bac hand sanitizer we provide upon arrival.

Clients musT wear a Mask - either bring your own, or one will be provided to you at an additional cost (£2)

No under 16’s until further notice - unless the child is a regular client & is capable of wearing a mask throughout the service & able to be in the shop on their own.

Avoid bringing bags or personal belongings with you, as there will be nowhere to store them.

Disposable Gowns will be used for every Client - We will provide these.

There are no Beard or Shave services available until further notice.

There are No Toilets, Waiting Lounge, or Hair wash facilities available at this moment in time.

Only Card payments will be available, no cash.

If you cannot agree or adhere to the requirements stated above, please do not book in.

Choose a service to schedule

DISCOUNT Wet Cut & Finish with Stylist Samuel - £22
**Discount Haircut with our Stylist Samuel**
Includes a skin fade option if requested
The hair is sprayed down, cut, dried and finished with cut throat edging using products to suit your hair type.
Gentleman's Wet Cut & Finish - £30
The hair is sprayed down, cut, dried and finished with cut throat edging, using products to suit your hair type. This service includes a skin fade option if requested.
**PLEASE NOTE** This is NOT a Restyle Service (Long hair to short hairstyle) Please refer to the Restyle Service if that is what you require.
Gentleman's Back & Sides - £25
Just the Back & Sides is cut, no hair is cut on top. The hair is then sprayed down, dried and finished with cut throat edging, using products to suit your hair type.
Service includes a skin fade option if requested.
Gentleman's Clipper Cut - £21
Grading all over with clipper grades, no scissor work. One grade on the sides & one grade on top, with cut throat edging. This service DOES NOT include a skin fade.
**If you are looking for a SKIN FADE with a Clipper cut on top then please book the 'Gentleman's Back & Sides' service**
Gentleman's RE-STYLE - £45 (call for appointment)
We are now trying to reduce the amount of time a client needs to spend in our shop for obvious health & safety reasons. Therefor we are unable to offer our a Re-Style service which requires a 1 hour appointment slot.
A Re-Style to us is when you are going from LONG (like shoulder length) hair to a SHORT hairstyle.
If you are unsure on wether or not you do require a Re-Style, then please give us an email with pictures of your hair to discuss your options & to see if this is the correct service for you.
Directions 23 Oxford Street, Southampton, United Kingdom
023 8023 4133